Kulturelle Diplomatie

"Kulturelle Diplomatie oder Kunst, die vereint" war das Thema der letzten Konferenz von Opera Europa in Kiew. Die Hauptstadt der Ukraine sah prächtig im Frühlingssonnenschein aus, und unsere Gastgeber an der Nationalen Oper der Ukraine und an das Kiew National Operetta Theater boten ein großzügiges Willkommen an unseren mehr Als 200 Delegierten.


Es war die ausdrückliche Absicht dieser Initiative, die Theater in der ganzen Ukraine zu erreichen und sie im Dialog mit dem übrigen Europa zu engagieren. Wir wurden von einer starken Präsenz von den bedeutenden Theatern von Dnipropetrovsk, Charkiw und Odessa sowie von mehreren kleineren Theatern und einer großen Delegation von unserem geschätzten Mitglied Lviv National Academic Opera und Ballet Theatre benannt nach Solomiya Krushelnytska belohnt.

Einige Anerkennungen unserer Venture können hier unten gelesen werden:


"Dear participants of the Conference!
National Opera of Ukraine took part in this important forum for the first time and sincerely greets everyone who provides cultural diplomacy in the sphere of opera, wishing you success in this essential affair on consolidation of efforts to support musical art, its development and flourishing. For us it is a big honour and responsibility to be one of the theatres united by the international organisation in the sphere of music theatre art. We appreciate you greatly for visiting Ukraine and Opera Europa’s Conference ‘Art which unites’. Meetings, discussions, theme workshops of the Conference were extremely interesting and useful, taking into account perspectives of cultural cooperation and integration to international community and considering art as a bridge in the period of conflicts. We are strongly convinced of the importance of wide international cooperation for contemporary Ukrainian music theatres. High informative level of the programme of the Conference, and reasonable content of discussions focused on result, are evidence of the high status of the Association. We believe that meeting points determined at the communication will result in new interesting art projects soon.
With gratitude and best regards to you from the Ukrainian National Opera team!"
Petro Chupryna
General Director, National Opera of Ukraine

"National Operetta of Ukraine would like to express our gratitude and wish you all the best in all your affairs. We would like to thank you for your participation and organization of the conference "The art which unites" by the Association "Opera Europa" held in Kyiv on May 18-20, 2017. The conference opened new creative horizons for cooperation between Ukrainian and European theaters. The issues discussed at the conference were relevant and aroused great attention and interest of participants. We hope that the new contacts will facilitate the creation of joint creative projects in the future.
With gratitude and best regards to you from our team!"
Bogdan Strutynskyi
General and Artistic Director, National Operetta of Ukraine – Honoured Artist of Ukraine


We were glad to receive your letter and, in our turn, we would like to express our gratitude for the opportunity to attend such a representative forum. The conference of the International Association of Opera Europa, which was held in Ukraine for the first time, undoubtedly became a significant cultural event that gathered the representatives of the European and Ukrainian theatre elite in Kiev and became a platform for the
progressive development of theatrical art in the world. We were sure that the information about our theatre – one of the most beautiful opera houses in Europe – could not remain unnoticed!
Yours sincerely,
Nadezhda Babich
General Director, Odessa Opera & Ballet Theatre


On behalf of the General Director Vasyl Vovkun and the entire Theatre would like to thank you for accepting our team at a conference "Opera Europa" in Kiev. It was a wonderful time spent in communication. We got a new impetus to creative projects, interesting approaches in the management system and hear the opinions of experts.
Thank you for this opportunity.
Best regards,
Ostap Hromysh
International Relations Manager, Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre


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