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Opera Europa is a democratic association which operates according to the will of the majority of its members.  At the same time, it has a responsibility as a supranational body to coordinate diverse views and to promote opera in the wider world.


Technical & Production

Technical & Production forum

The next meeting of the Technical & Production forum takes place at La Monnaie in Brussels on 7 and 8 March 2019.


Please sign up by 20 February, registration is now OPEN. Download the form and the programme here!

Fundraising & Friends

Fundraising & Friends forum

Our next meeting takes place from 18-20 March 2019 at Accademia alla Scala, Milan, Italy.

You can find the programme and the registration form here >>>>


Opera Management Course

The Opera Management Course 2019 takes place in Pesaro from 23 - 29 August 2019.

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Social infrastucture

Social infrastructure involves thinking about people.  You build on existing infrastructure to create an urban space filled with graphic art and storytelling.

Read more on David Zahle's approach to conceiving spaces for people >>


Young Opera Professionals in Paris

Our think tank shared provoking thoughts...
Opera houses should open their doors to companies that will find a new way.  Be more open to small companies…  Everyone is afraid, but we have to be positive.

Maxine Devaud, Switzerland/Berlin

Read more of their contributions here >>


Paris autumn conference


Are we crusaders, trying to convince to world to become opera lovers? Let’s not sell out what we stand for to attract audiences at any cost.
Astra Irmeja-Šēfere, Head of Artistic Planning & Production Latvian National Opera
More quotes and presentations from the conference >>


OE News

Operabase and Truelinked

As announced in the autumn newsletter, Operabase, the casting tool created over 20 years ago by Mike Gibb, was acquired through merger last summer by Truelinked, a company founded in Denmark in 2013 by Sune Hjerrild and Jan Pilgaard Carlsen. Their declared ambition is to expand and develop the services in new directions while maintaining the service to opera professionals.

More about the services for 2019 >>

Artistic Administration

The inner workings of the Artistic Administration forum

Opera Europa’s recent Artistic Administration forum seems to answer particular needs for our member. Their listserv has been extremely active in the past few months, on varied topics.

During their last meeting in London at the end of September, participants found they didn’t have enough time to delve into the thrilling topics of their main sessions. 
They will meet again during our Spring conference in Antwerp.


Marketing & Communications

Communication Mantle

In late October, marketing & communications staff from opera houses and companies across Europe met at the spectacular Auditorio de Tenerife for an inspirational couple of days talking about storytelling. Between the heavy downpours and bright autumn sunshine, concepts were debated, case studies scrutinised and best practice shared. To give you a flavour of the conversation, here are just a few memories of the forum.



OE News

How to recognise you are the best

Last summer in Zurich, all OE members were invited to participate in a broad benchmarking exercise exceeding the previous mapping exercise. Nearly 60 members returned their questionnaires showing their brilliant yet extremely confidential figures. Of course you cannot translate the artistic quality your company stands for into a questionnaire, as detailed as it may be. It shows, however, with what means – funding, manpower and material – you are getting there.
What can you find out in our new benchmarking tool? >>

Human Resources

Leadership in Lille

On 4, 5 and 6 October this year, the Human Resources Forum gathered at Opéra de Lille to discuss the topic of leadership.


A year of OperaVision

OperaVision has been streaming operas for over 12 months since the site was launched on 12 October 2017. In this time, the platform has streamed 45 shows, that’s an average of three to four new full-length mostly live performances per month. There have been 40 operas and 5 concerts, galas and competitions. Up until the end of October 2018, we have already counted 1 742 259 video views: 790 931 views for the full-length performances and 951 288 views for bonus videos.




What's on OperaVision?

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11/01 La Rondine from Lativan National Opera

18/01 Manru from Polish National Opera

27/01 La bohème from Komische Oper Berlin

29/01 Xerxes from Deutsche Oper am Rhein

Still available: Cunning little Vixen from National Theatre Brno, Sleeping Beauty and Sanatorio Express from Finnish National Opera, Die tote Stadt from Komische Oper Berlin, Der fliegende Holländer from Latvian National Opera... and more!!



OE News

The new Opera Europa team

Those of you who attended our Paris conference will have noticed new faces behind Opera Europa badges.  In addition to Elise Lonnet, Roger Flores and Hedd Thomas joining Luke O’Shaughnessy and the OperaVision project, Susanna Werger and Célia Grau reinforce the Opera Europa services. 


OE News

Staying in touch with your peers

On top of the Members’ Address book for individual information, Opera Europa members have a tool to their European colleagues on specific topics. These listservs are an e-mail-based system where, by sending an email to a single address, you reach everyone registered on that listserv. Our specialist forums each have a listserv to communicate not only about upcoming events, but also to share information, ask questions and receive feedback and recommendations.
Please contact if you think you are not subscribed to the lists you wish to follow!



OE News

OperaLink e-news for Opera America Partners

Our Partner OperaAmerica is a very busy network in North America with many notable initiatives. Whether you are interested in getting some inspiration in observing how things are run outside of the European slice of the opera cosmos, or evaluating the effects they might have on overall practices, this new roundup e-news might be for you. This quarterly Newsletter is called OperaLink and is designed for OperaAmerica partners all over the globe to stay in touch with the most recent developments within the opera world in North America.


You can subscribe following this link >>>

OE News

Dates for your diary

Check out the events to look forward to:


  • 7-8 March 2019 – Technical & Production forum, La Monnaie Brussels
  • 18-20 March 2019 - Fundraising & Friends forum, Accademia della Scala, Milan
  • 19-23 April 2019 - First International Yakutsk Opera Festival and Competition

  • 25-28 April 2019 - Opera Europa Spring Conference, Opera Vlaanderen, Antwerp
  • 2-4 May 2019 – Costumes, Wigs & Make-up forum, Vienna
  • 9-10 May 2019 - Technical Management & Set Workshops forum, Amsterdam
  • 13-14 June 2019 - Audio Visual and Digital Media forum, Stockholm
  • 13-16 June 2019 -  Opera America annual conference, San Francisco
  • 24 -27 October 2019 - Opera Europa Autumn Conference, Strasbourg & Karlsruhe


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