Opera Europa is the leading service organisation for professional opera companies and opera festivals throughout Europe.  It currently serves 170 member companies from 43 different countries. Its main office is in Brussels, where it is registered as a cultural organization in compliance with Belgian law. Its governing Board is made up of 15 members chosen from the general membership and elected for 3 year terms.  An executive Director, a Manager and two Coordinators are responsible for managing the organization and for responding to members’ needs.

Membership subscriptions are set by the full membership assembly and are presently €2,700 per calendar year. This amount includes full access to all the services of our partner Operabase Professional.

Conferences open to the general membership take place at least twice a year in alternating member cities.  Conference programmes focus on topics and developments of current practical interest, such as maximizing income, audience development, new technologies and new media, human resources, fundraising and PR/Marketing.  Conferences are further especially useful for developing contacts for Europe-wide co-productions.

Opera Europa’s information systems (website, database, mailing lists) offer:

  • one-stop, easy access to members’ websites
  • up-to-date lists of key staff to facilitate communication and participation
  • e-mail forums for specialist networking opportunities
  • a comprehensive and updated database of members’ future production plans
  • a collaborative marketplace for co-productions, rentals and exchanges
  • full access to the casting and production tools developed by Operabase
  • confidential financial profiles of many member companies

Opera Europa also offers reciprocal membership benefits with Opera America.

A quarterly newsletter keeps members informed of activities, conference programmes and professional issues affecting member companies.