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A word about this company

In Poznań Opera House we take all efforts to prepare our performances caring about their high quality. It reminds one of the tedious and carefully controlled process of olive oil extraction. Olive oil is a precious and a fundamental guarantee of quality in every cuisine that aspires to become culinary art. It is our desire that our opera il like top quality olive oil : aromatic, sour, sweet, velvety, floral, with a tinge of bitterness, blending perfectly with other tastes, either as a base, or as a precious addition. Just like in real life, joy blends with sorrow, happiness blends with pain, and euphoria blends with stress. We create OPERA THEATRE - fascinating and infinitely up-to-date, multidimensional, combining the conventional with the innovative. Most of us just can't live without this...

General information

E-mail opera@opera.poznan.pl
Phone + 48 61 65 90 229/306
Website www.opera.poznan.pl
Facebook www.facebook.com/teatrwielkioperapoznan

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Phone + 48 61 65 90 231
E-mail bow@opera.poznan.pl
Website www.bilety.opera.poznan.pl

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Teatr Wielki - Opera Poznań

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