Barcelona conference

17-19 April 2009

Barcelona Programme

What do Creativity and Innovation mean in the world of opera today? 

The European Opera Forum in Barcelona is an opportunity to hear the answers of the creators themselves. How do they conceive their compositions and their productions? Which issues fire their imagination? Which audiences are they addressing?

It is also the place to discover how imaginative impresarios approach the task of finding the audience for opera in the 21st century. What are their beliefs and their priorities?  How do they define excellence in the arts? In what ways may opera companies and the media combine for their mutual benefit?

Alongside the core sessions, marketing and technical specialists have the chance to share expertise and make new discoveries. The finalists’ preparations for the European Opera-directing Prize (EOP) may be viewed in the spacious Mestres Cabanes rehearsal hall. The International Music + Media Centre (IMZ) join us to present linked sessions on Opera and Media.

Participants in Barcelona may choose from a varied menu, which also includes a brand new opera and Wagner’s classic comedy about the act of artistic creation, not to mention plenty of opportunities to meet colleagues old and new over a coffee break or tapas lunch or Spanish-time dinner in a rarely visited palace. We promise an engaging weekend.

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