Brno and Ostrava Autumn Conference

20 - 23 November 2014

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Music has played a pivotal role in Czech history. It remains a central tenet of Czech identity today, and one of its most notable exports. Yet it is not immune to the familiar 21st century economic pressures. Czech theatres have to struggle to come to terms with new financial models which include the search for private as well as public funding. Traditional values of the fixed ensemble are exposed to the competition of the free market. Strategies for selling tickets need to be overhauled. Not so different from elsewhere in Europe, then.

Opera Europa members are invited to explore the Czech trail beyond the capital Prague and to discover the lively cultural life in its second and third cities. This is the country of Leoš Janáček, where he was born, lived, worked and died. Our conference coincides with the opening of the biennial Janáček International Festival in Brno, as well as offering an opportunity to visit his birth village of Hukvaldy in the countryside outside Ostrava. Please join our journey to learn more.

The Year of Czech Music 2014 coincides with heightened challenges to those charged with sustaining and transforming the tradition in this country, challenges which are shared with opera companies throughout Europe. Join us in the vibrant cities of Brno and Ostrava as we explore ways forward together.
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