Building Bridges

24-27 October - Opéra National du Rhin Strasbourg and Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Opera Europa’s raison d’être is to make connexions. When creating an event, we like to bring together member theatres in the same city, as recently in Paris and formerly in Berlin and London and Moscow.  We even encourage excursions to neighbouring cities, as from Vienna to Linz and from Brno to Ostrava.  But next autumn’s conference will be the first time that one of our conferences has been jointly hosted by member companies in different countries.

The choice of Strasbourg and Karlsruhe is symbolic. Sitting on either side of the river Rhine, they embody a link which lies at the heart of united Europe and the friendship of two founder members of the European Union. Strasbourg is both capital of Alsace and of Europe, and home of the European Parliament. Karlsruhe this year celebrates the 350th anniversary of its first theatre.


The bridges we seek to build are not only across the Rhine and between these two historical theatres. They extend beyond the borders of the European Union towards the east and south; and indeed beyond the confines of Europe to friends and colleagues throughout the world of opera.

World Opera Day on 25 October, at the heart of this conference, will be an occasion to promote Opera’s global reach.

The programme will feature several topics identified by members as of interest:

■ The place of opera in your city
■ The choice between renovating a theatre or a new building
■ Opening up your building to the public
■ Building bridges for culture in Europe
■ What venues for tomorrow’s opera
■ Measuring the value of opera in society
■ The changing role of the Chorus in opera
■ The future of Young Artist Programmes
■ The future of OperaVision beyond 2020
■ Where will opera be in 100 years?

Performances will include Dvořák’s Rusalka in Strasbourg; and Weber’s Der Freischütz and Janáček’s The Cunning Little Vixen in Karlsruhe.

There will be a programme for the Fundraising forum and FEDORA in Strasbourg; and for Artistic Administration and Independent Producers in Karlsruhe, as well as a Marketplace for Co-productions and guided tours.

The full programme will be published at the beginning of September. Meanwhile, please reserve the dates 24 to 27 October in your calendars.

The full programme will run:

- Thursday 24 October: afternoon and performance of Rusalka (directed by Nicola Raab) in Strasbourg
- Friday 25 October: day-time conference in Strasbourg, late afternoon bus to Karlsruhe, performance of The Cunning Little Vixen (directed by Yuval Sharon) in Karlsruhe
- Saturday 26 October: full day conference in Karlsruhe, evening performance of Der Freischutz (conducted by Johannes Willig and directed by Verena Stoiber) in Karlsruhe 
- Sunday 27 October: European Opera-directing Prize sessions


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