Collective action

Opera Panorama

5-14 May 2017

Opera Panorama

We are inviting opera companies to offer participants a view of what opera means to Europe, and the place it has held and holds today in society. Opera is intrinsically linked to European politics and art history, and is a great resource to better understand our European heritage. There are many paths to approach this issue.

We will offer participating houses tools to focus on the European diversity of opera. These tools will include:

  • Access to photos of the façade of opera theatres, of the auditorium of opera theatres and of opera productions, along with basic contextual information, to support for instance the creation of exhibitions
  • Access to slide shows: the photos will be edited into slide shows presenting the contrasting examples, to be displayed for instance in Foyers
  • Access to videos: the videos will share photos and short video snapshots of the European opera landscape along with a narration. These videos will also be made available on The Opera Platform.

The architecture of opera houses around Europe reflect the role of theatre in the society of the time it was built. What does theatre mean to your town today, how does your venue’s architecture allow or imped on your mission, and how does your theatre embrace that?

Some great classics, such as Carmen or Die Zauberflöte, are part of most opera companies’ core repertoire. How do the production photos compare? What does that say about the various dramaturgical approaches? What other productions do European opera companies consider as emblematic of their work?

Opera Panorama is an ambitious project, and we hope you will want to contribute to help us set it up. To do so, we will need you to send by 15th March to

  • A landscape photo of the façade of your theatre
  • A landscape photo of your auditorium
  • A landscape photo of a Carmen or Die Zauberflöte production by your company
  • A landscape photo of a chosen iconic production by your company
  • Please save each photo with ‘name of theatre – photo title (c) credits’
  • A short text with the history of your theatre (year it was built, under who’s patronage, role it might have played in politics, recent renovations or transformations to come…) ; as well as information on the artistic team and cast of the production photos

We hope you are as excited about this as we are, and look forward to receiving your feedback and contributions.